Skilled nursing facilities, particularly long-term acute care hospitals and communities caring for chronically ventilated residents, can be some of the most challenging healthcare environments in which to prevent infections and monitor the use of antimicrobial agents. Residents requiring skilled nursing care are medically complex and in many cases frail requiring a focused and dedicated approach to their care. In addition to the unique challenges posed in this setting, the rise of extensively multi-drug resistant organisms and other pathogens has highlighted the need for robust, organized and efficient infection prevention and control programs.

At Chromatic Health, we believe that all effective infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship programs begin with the implementation of proven strategies to increase quality and safety that are paired with comprehensive surveillance. The most effective action plans are data driven and respond to the unique needs of the healthcare facility, and creating a program like that requires gathering real-time data and using it to direct change and improve outcomes.

Our applications are designed to streamline the surveillance process and generate robust reports that provide detailed and actionable information. We have created reporting functionality within our software packages that give users up to the minute data that helps direct patient care in a way that promotes safety and prevents harm.

The unique data entry process in our HAI Tracker application makes surveillance easy for users at every level of infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship experience. The system can also interface with a wide variety of other applications (e.g., electronic medical records, laboratory management systems, pharmacy databases, etc.) to avoid double documentation and streamline data entry across the spectrum of care delivery.

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