Home health is one of the fastest growing healthcare sectors. This setting combines the challenge of healthcare delivery with the significant variability of that comes with caring for patients in their homes. Providers generally work independently and with limited resources that can easily be transported to the home. This unique setting makes infection prevention and control as well as antimicrobial stewardship difficult, and there are fewer published guidelines to help guide quality programs.

Regardless, the patients in this setting are in many cases equally complex as in other post-acute care settings, and home care is also subject to similar regulatory requirements. Infection and antimicrobial surveillance are just as important in this environment in order to provide the safest, highest quality care.

At Chromatic Health, our experienced team works with home care providers to develop infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship programs designed to fit their needs and capabilities. Our web-based software applications can be accessed from any internet-capable computer and most other devices, which offers the versatility needed to perform surveillance in any setting. We can also provide a wide range of resources that help bring providers with all levels of experience into the quality and performance improvement process.

Our centralized systems also allow administrative and performance improvement leaders the opportunity to pool data from various single providers in the field into a single location. Data can be analyzed using our powerful reporting tools to guide decision making and improve outcomes.

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