The complex and rapidly-changing world of infection prevention and control can easily be overwhelming to new practitioners in the field, and individuals charged with infection control responsibilities can often have various levels of training and expertise. In addition to an Infection Preventionist’s own training, there is always a need to provide education to other healthcare personnel to ensure that the entire healthcare team is working together to promote patient safety and improve outcomes.

With these challenges in mind, Chromatic Health has developed creative and interactive educational tools and packages that can be used to build infection control skills, teach best practices and engage front line staff members to maximize results. In addition to our pre-built offerings, we can also work directly with your facility to create educational materials and courses that will increase knowledge and build confidence. Our team of experts educators work directly with our clients to craft solutions that work for them.

Please contact us directly to learn more about how Chromatic Health can support your team and take your infection control practice to the next level.