Long term care facilities are unique healthcare settings with patient populations having wide ranging needs and clinical statuses. Residents are generally at higher risk for infections and other adverse outcomes, and staff members may have varying levels of experience with Infection Prevention and Control or Quality. These facilities are also subject to an ever-changing healthcare regulatory landscape.

Chromatic Health’s products are specifically designed with these challenges in mind. Our HAI Tracker application quickly and efficiently guides users of all levels of experience through the Infection Prevention and Antimicrobial Stewardship process. Its integration with existing electronic medical records seamlessly incorporates quality improvement work into the daily workflow, bringing patient and resident safety to the forefront of the care experience.

In addition to quality and safety, we have built our applications to help facilities meet new and challenging regulatory requirements. Our surveillance application is a self-contained infection prevention and control platform that not only allows users to track infections and antibiotic use, but also generates useful and comprehensive reports at the click of a button without the need for any complicated programing or report writing. Our philosophy is that technology should simplify the work of our clients not add more complexity.

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