Surveillance is the cornerstone of any infection prevention and control program, but it can be a time consuming and difficult undertaking. Gathering the necessary information, understanding and interpreting the infection criteria, and analyzing the data represent a significant resource commitment for any healthcare facility. Furthermore, performing surveillance traditionally requires a significant amount of training and experience in order to navigate the complex infection criteria provided by the national experts and regulatory bodies.

HAI Tracker

Chromatic Health’s HAI Tracker software platform is designed to increase efficiency and simplify the surveillance process. Our interactive and adaptive interface guides users with all levels of experience through nationally-recognized criteria, and it provides real-time feedback to allow healthcare personnel to confidently gather infection data. Users can follow the guided forms without memorizing infection criteria, ensuring consistent reporting with a lower staff workload.

UTI screenshot

HAI Tracker’s dashboard and reporting functionality put powerful data analysis tools at the fingertips of our clients. Users can easily produce graphs, tables and charts to share the information they gather as part of their surveillance program with administrators, regulators and staff members. Facilities can conduct investigations quickly and efficiently, and can use their data in real-time to improve outcomes and increase the safety of care provided.

Dashboard screenshot

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