HAI Tracker is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that may be used in a stand-alone mode or with different levels of EMR integration. Most EMRs support synchronization or export of basic patient records (admissions/location and demographics) with minimal integration work. HAI Tracker can also support more advanced synchronization of antibiotics, labs, and infection criteria entries.

Stand-alone Mode

In stand-alone mode, patient details are provided by the user as part of the infection entry process. Users can lookup previously entered patients, but need to update any relevant details on each infection entry (e.g. location or admission info). This mode requires no integration work or IT support to implement and can be deployed in just a few days.

SFTP Transfer

HAI Tracker can receive a file via SFTP with record updates in CSV or TSV format. A daily patient record file is often the simplest way to keep that data current, and most EMRs can support this option. A sample export file can be found here. Partial or complete antibiotic and infection criteria data can also be imported this way.


Using HAI Tracker’s HTTP API is the most flexible integration approach. The API provides real-time individual record updates and granular access to any data in the HAI Tracker system. Bulk updates are also supported. This is the best option for complex integrations.

Custom Integration

We also offer custom integration services, including evaluation of your existing systems and software development services to build a complete solution.