Chromatic Health is committed to providing robust surveillance solutions that are user-friendly and economical. Our products use next generation technology to streamline data entry and analysis and are designed to allow quick, easy and automated submission to national reporting agencies. Additionally, each of our modules guides the user through data entry and performs dynamic data validation to ensure that every submission is accurate and aligned with surveillance definitions.

We recognize the needs of our users and seek to design products to allow data collection and entry to be done with ease and confidence. Our user-friendly, web-based interface allows our customers to access their information securely from any internet-ready computer. This superior level of accessibility enables users to run reports and pull specific information rapidly to meet the dynamic and growing needs of their healthcare organizations. Each of our products also provides analytical tools to track and quantify existing data points, while also allowing users to compare current and historical data. This capability is invaluable for epidemiologic investigations or providing information to regulatory agencies or internal quality departments.

HAI Tracker

Chromatic Health’s premier surveillance package, HAI Tracker, offers users a comprehensive, web-based platform to track infections and automatically bundle and submit them to that National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN). It is designed by Infection Preventionists for users at every skill level and setting. HAI Tracker guides our customers through the data entry process to ensure that every infection is entered accurately and is consistent with nationally recognized surveillance definitions.

Data entered into HAI Tracker is far from static. Our innovative reporting interface makes adding data elements and filtering easy and intuitive, and our platform allows dynamic reporting to be run on all information entered into the system, which can be refined and presented in a variety of ways to customize output and maximize usability.

HAI Tracker can also interface with other systems to pull data automatically, reducing the need for duplicate documentation and streamlining data entry.

ABX Tracker

ABX Tracker is our antimicrobial stewardship tool that extends HAI Tracker. This powerful application can synthesize manually entered or electronically obtained pharmacy and laboratory data into antibiograms and detailed reports about antibiotic use. ABX Tracker can easily become the backbone of any antimicrobial stewardship program and is invaluable in determining antibiotic use and evaluating the effectiveness of institutional stewardship initiatives.